SAMInside program is designated to recover Windows NT/2000/XP/2003/Vista users' log on passwords.

Program supports import of hashes (i.e. encoded users' passwords) from the following files:
- Windows registry (SAM and SYSTEM files);
- PWDUMP program format text files;
- L0phtCrack program files (*.LC files);
- LC4 and LC5 program files (*.LCS files);
- LC+4 and LC+5 program files (*.LCP files);
- Proactive Windows Security Explorer and Proactive Password Auditor program files (*.HDT files);
- etc. (10 types of hash import in total).

Program also supports import of user hashes from local computer (program shall be run with Administrator account privileges). For this purpose program uses the following methods of local hashes import:
- hashes import using connection to LSASS process;
- hashes import using system utility Scheduler.

Program provides 6 types of attack to recover users' passwords:
- full brute-force attack;
- distributed attack;
- mask attack;
- dictionary attack;
- hybrid attack;
- pre-calculated Rainbow tables attack (tables for both LM and NT hashes supported).
All attack settings allow fine adjustment of required type of attack to achieve maximal effectiveness of users' passwords recovery.

Forcing program code is written completely on Assembler what lets to get very high speed of password forcing procedure. SAMInside program currently shows the highest speed abroad of single LM-hash (or NT-hash)! For example, computer based on Athlon 64 3000+ processor provides forcing speed for single LM-hash about ~8300000 passwords per second, and 15100000 passwords per second for single NT-hash.

The program has compact size, doesn't require installation and can be run from floppy disk, CD/DVD or external USB disk. It works under any versions of Windows, requires no additional modules and doesn't state any special system requirements so can be run on any computer.
One more advantage of the program is correct import of Windows user names and passwords in local symbol encoding.

SAMInside program is Shareware.
Single license is $40.
To learn more about variants of license key purchase please visit this page.
Once purchased key grants you right to use all future versions of the program for free

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