VMware Presents Zimbra 7

JAKARTA - virtualization and infrastructure solutions provider VMware announced the launch of Cloud latest version of the platform email and collaboration of the latest generation of VMware Zimbra 7 . VMware features Zimbra 7 include the ability to share data, calendar and search functions are expanded and a number of improvements in management features for both IT and end users . Through an update to this version , VMware optimize Zimbra for laymen as well as advanced users , making devices work supporting the next generation of VMware ' s vision , as stated in the End - User Computing . Vision VMware End - User Computing working to find ways liberating users and IT after for more than two decades depends on a complex computer and centered on the devices, by providing experience - based Cloud for enterprise users . VMware Zimbra is one of the main business collaboration solutions provider and the largest package of open source collaboration in terms of the amount paid mailboxes . " VMware Zimbra continues to be a collaborative enterprise solution that grows rapidly, has now reached 66 million paid mailboxes . VMware Zimbra has been used in more than 200. 000 organizations as a next - generation collaboration platform choice , " explained Jim Morrisroe , Vice President , Zimbra Products, VMware , in his official statement on Friday ( 25 / 2 / 2011 ) . " Along with the growth of corporate and business needs , migration to the email system rich in features and flexibility is something that comes naturally to us, " said Michael Payne , Senior Systems Administrator, Rent - A - Center. " Since VMware Zimbra held in more than 5 . 000 location Rent - A - Center, we realize that true collaboration that consists of many things . We will implement VMware Zimbra 7 that our employees constantly connected to each other , in the office or on the way, through a collaboration platform that offers email , calendar and file sharing dynamic, " he said .

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