6 Meter Tsunami Hit Japan

TOKYO - An earthquake with a strength of 8 , 8 SR menghamtam Japan. Berkuatan devastating earthquake that caused tsunami as high as 6 meters of Honshu. Severe damage was also visible location hit by the quake . Based on the report The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Hawaii, some countries also must wapada with subsequent tsunami . Countries that must be extra vigilant is Russia , Marcus Island , and Northern Marianas. The public broadcaster, NHK also showed black smoke billowing from a building in Odaiba , Tokyo suburb. Activities throughout the northern Japanese fast train was stopped . Television showed the car swinging - swinging the water in the boat that was leaning . Japan Meteorological Agency warned that a tsunami as high as 6 m also could hit the coast near the prefecture of Miyagi, the closest to the epicenter . The agency said the quake occurred at 14 : 46 in (13 : 46 Singapore time) Friday at a depth of 10 km , approximately 125 km off the east coast . The tsunami destroyed many buildings were reported. However, there are no reports of casualties due to tsunami .,

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