Call of Duty: Black Ops Game Best Seller in U . S .

CALIFORNIA - This week , Call of Duty: Black Ops become the best - selling game of all time in the United States after successfully selling 13 , 7 million units on all platforms , five months after release. This game had record sales the first day when it was released last November 2010 and received revenues of more than USD 1 billion before the end of the year . Hardware So that was launched on Wednesday ( 16 / 3 / 2011 ) . Despite criticism of its users because of some problems such as the PlayStation 3 which often freeze forcing penggua reset , or a broken connection arrived - arrived on an online session with many players . The game is still popular and continue to occupy top positions in the U . S . game ratings . Today , research firm NPD statistics show if the Black Ops have exceeded the Wii Play as the best - selling game of all time in the U . S . . Black Ops is a product developer Activision Blizzard , which also issued other popular games, like Guitar Hero . Unfortunately , Guitar Hero had to ' retire' after Activision decided to no longer release the latest version of the iconic game that , last February .,

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