Ford Ranger 2010 Pulled from Market

Washington: automaker Ford will attract as many as 23 . 688 units of Ford Ranger 2010 is equipped with four- cylinder engine 2 . 3 - liter . Because the car of this type has the potential fire hazard because of the heat of the fuel line, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration USA ( NHTSA ) . " Channels of fuel in the engine throttle body shield area may not have a protective cover that is firmly attached , " NHTSA said in the letter a summary of the problem. " If the protector ( cover ) on the fuel line was not assembled in the proper position , the edge of the shield can connect the fuel line. Over time, this relationship will cause heat in the fuel line, causing leaks and potential fires . " In other documentation submitted to the federal government , Ford said that until now there has been aware of any fires associated with this condition . Parties dealer - Ford dealers are also ready to inspect the damage and replace if necessary . This withdrawal is scheduled to begin March 7 next .

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