Gene Therapy , New Hope Treatment of AIDS

BOSTON - Scientists perform a new approach to treating AIDS with how to develop gene therapy to cells - blood cells that are resistant to HIV , the virus that causes AIDS. Indeed , it is still too early to say this approach could treat AIDS patients , or even become a new form of treatment . However, until now , such research has the potential for substantial and secure . The concept of this treatment came after cases of AIDS patients in Berlin, approximately four years ago . The patient was reportedly cured after getting the cells - blood cells from donors with natural immunity against the HIV virus . This encourages researchers to seek a more practical way to get immunity similar to using a patient' s own blood cells . The results were announced at a conference in Boston , Monday (28 / 2 / 2011 ) local time. " For the first time, people - people start thinking of a treatment method with great potential, " said the panel chairman , Dr John ZAIA , as quoted by the Straits Times, Tuesday (1 / 3 / 2011 ). Even if this new approach can not completely eliminate HIV, at least this treatment could improve the immune systems of patients so that they can control the virus and does not require drugs - drugs for AIDS. Statement soon diamini ZAIA Carl Dieffenbach , chairman of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases for AIDS. " We hope this treatment can provide a level of immunity similar to those of patients from Germany some time ago , " due diligence. (okezone)

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