iPad 2 vs Xoom vs Galaxy Tab 10, 1

How comparison between IPAD 2 with a few main rivals, in this case tablets Android Motorola and Samsung Xoom Galaxy Tab 10, 1 ? If judging from the design side , this tablet looks a little more slender than its competitors it. But in terms of hardware , probably some features on the iPad two little behind . However, with base price of USD 499, IPAD two potentially attract buyers because of its rivals has not been able to reach this low price . Equipped with the latest IOS , abundance and certainty of application sales schedule began March 11, IPAD two large potential to overtake the competition . iPad tablet 2 is the thinnest with a thickness of 0 , 34 inch, while the Xoom 0 , 5 inch and Galaxy Tab 0 , 43 inch. But the matter of weight, champion Galaxy Tab is the only one , 32 pounds . iPad 2 does not lose much , have a weight of 1 , 33 pounds for the version of Wi Fi. Turning to the matter of the screen , iPad 2 has the same resolution with the first generation, at 1024 x 768 pixels . While the Galaxy Tab 10 , 1 and Xoom same - both have a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels . From this side , iPad slightly less than rival Android. iPad 2 has the largest built- in storage 64 GB version . But unfortunately he did not have a slot for additional storage , just like Galaxy Tab . In this aspect , which has only Xoom storage option via microSD . In terms of processor , IPAD 2 and the two rivals were already equipped with dual core processors. About the performance all three seem to go through more in - depth testing . Unfortunately , Apple has not mentioned the RAM is taken iPad 2 . In comparison, RAM owned Xoom and Galaxy Tab 10 , 1 to 1 GB. From the side of the camera, Apple joined the front and rear camera sink. However, with only VGA resolution front and rear camera which has not been referred to the resolution , like Xoom and Galaxy Tab superior problem resolution . Specifically Galaxy Tab, the rear - powered 8 megapixel camera. In terms of speakers , IPAD 2 has an audio device is greater than the first version . This is not an advantage because both the Xoom and had already adopted the Galaxy Tab stereo speakers . What kind of comparison table between IPAD 2 , Xoom and Galaxy Tab 10 , 1 ? (detik)

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