Mercedes - Benz AMG SLS Only 15 Units

Brand : Event to the auto show 2011 Geneva Motor Show does not seem to only show cars - new cars , but also car creations home modifications . One worth waiting for is Cormeum Mansory Mercedes - Benz AMG SLS, the plan will be made only limited to just 15 units . As reported Insideline site. com last week a German home modifications , Mansory , also to - upgrade old machines 6 . 3 - liter V 8 with a more efficient intake and exhaust system stainless - steel . Compression engine also can pump power was increased to speeds of up to 660 - hp from 563- hp initial velocity. For version - speed 800 - hp model , the Mansory reportedly still under construction. According to the home modifications , the name Cormeum taken from a song titled The Latin Vide Cor Meum . The song was written by renowned composer Patrick Cassidy and made for the film Hannibal ( 2001 ) directed by Ridley Scott, who is also the sequel to The Silence of The Lambs. Mansory also not reluctant - reluctant to modify the exterior . Body Kits and Exterior modifications include front fascia , rear bumper , beefy fenders , side skirts, rear spoiler which was raised , and rear diffuser that can help motorists reduce drag. Most of body covered with carbon fiber material , which helps relieve Cormeum weight down to 198 pounds . To add a ferocious appearance , the front wheels are equipped Cormeum 20 - inches and 21 inches rear, ride height is lowered Cormeum 0 , 7 inches, thanks to new springs and dampers . Turning to the cabin , Mansory using a first - class leather that wrapped around the seats, new steering wheel , aluminum pedals , and also trimming of carbon fibber.

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