Muammar Gaddafi Story

You can describe someone like Muammar Gaddafi ? During his 60 years, Libyan leader appeared on the world stage with a style so unique . The term " eccentric" or " maverick" or " nyeleneh " not enough to describe him . During his leadership , he became the hero of the revolution to become an international pariah , and then eventually become a strategic partner and is now back into a pariah . He developed his own political philosophy , wrote a book by its author, so influential - to beat anything that dream of Plato, Locke or Marx. He comes in various international meetings and Arabs , looking very prominent , not only because of the flashy style and luxurious dresses , but also speech that bluntly - candid and unusual behavior. One Arab observer recently called him " Picassonya Middle East politics. " Gaddafi admire the founders of the early promise of Egypt , Jamal Abdul Nasser in his prime age is when came to power through a bloodless military coup in 1969 , Muammar Gaddafi is a young military officer , handsome and charismatic . Followers of the first Egyptian President Jamal Abdul Nasser ( he even participated wearing the same military rank , promoted him from captain to colonel after the coup ) , Gaddafi ' s first - first define how to overcome the legacy of economic injustice that time was dominated by foreigners. For Nasser , the injustice that is the Suez Canal . For Gaddafi , the injustice that is oil . Oil reserve discovered in Libya in the late 50' s , but pengeksploitasiannya controlled by a company - foreign oil companies. These are set prices according to customer needs within their own country . In addition they enjoy half of the revenue. Colonel Gaddafi demanding re - negotiation of contract - the contract and threatened to shut down production if the company - the company refused . He is remembered because it threatens the directors of foreign oil companies by saying that " people who for 5 . 000 years to live without oil, are still able to live without oil for a few more years to get their rights back . " The move was successful and Libya became the first developing countries which receive the majority of the revenues of oil production in the country . Other countries then followed this precedent and in 1970 - an Arab oil boom began . Libya is in the best position to enjoy the benefits . At that level of production is equal to the country - the Gulf states and Libya when it is the smallest country in Africa ( with three million inhabitants at the time) , Libya quickly scooped up this black gold. Gaddafi political theory does not follow the doctrine of Arab nationalism or show excessive consumerism that hit the Gulf region . Gaddafi gave birth to their own theory during berkuaa The characters are lively and Libya to deliver him a new road. Badawi was born from a nomadic parents in 1942 , Muammar Gaddafi clearly an intelligent man, full of sense but he did not undergo a rigorous education system, in addition to learning to read Al - Quran and military training. Even so , the early years of 70 - an he proved himself as a famous political philosophers , developed a theory called the third universal theory which will be published in depth in the book of his famous Green Book , Green Book . The theory he completed the existing contradictions inherent in capitalism and communism, in order to deliver the world to political revolution , economic and social revolution and liberate the oppressed everywhere . Thanks overseas adventure nihilnya opposition against his government in the country , Colonel Gaddafi managed to bring his campaign against imperialism throughout the world . He funded and supported the group - the militant groups and resistance movements wherever he encounters. He also made the citizens of Libya in exile as a target . Dozens of them believed to be killed by the global intelligence network of Libya . If the government does not take a lot of their human rights records in the country and punish dissidents abroad, supporting the action group - of terrorist groups is another matter. " There is no democracy except Libya on the whole earth . " " In the Middle East, the opposition differs with the opposition in the country - developed countries. In our country , the opposition in the form of explosions, assassinations . " His speech in front of the Academia USA, March 2006 . A bombing at a nightclub used by U . S . troops in Berlin in 1986 , regarded by Libyan agents, proved a turning point. United States President Ronald Reagan ordered air attacks to Tripoli and Benghazi in retaliation for the deaths of two American soldiers , although there is no definite evidence other than " chat " that Libya ordered the attack . American retaliation was aimed to kill " mad dog the Middle East, " as Reagan dubbed Gaddafi . Despite the severe damage and several people were killed in Libya , including as claimed Gaddafi , his adopted daughter , Colonel Gaddafi would emerge stronger . He was even more glowing reputation among the opponents of American foreign policy that is too hard . Bombing of Pan American flight - Am 103 number above the city of Lockerbie , Scotland in 1988 reinforce the American attitude toward Libya . The bombing killed 270 people passengers and people - people who exist in Lockerbie , this is the biggest terrorist acts that have occurred in the United Kingdom . Decision Gaddafi refused to hand over two Libyan suspects to a Scottish law officers , gave birth to UN sanctions against Libya and a long negotiation process . Finally ended in 1999 with the surrender the two suspects and the courts against them. One of them , Abdelbaset Ali Al - Megrahi was sentenced to life imprisonment, but one was declared not guilty. Settlement relaxation Lockerbie case together - equal recognition program Gaddafi about weapons of mass destruction and nuclear weapons are hidden and her decision to stop it , paving the way for Libya' s rapprochement with the West. But that began to tame a mad dog came back angry to see the American - led military intervention during President George W Bush in Iraq in 2003 . Although the start is received back by the West, Gaddafi still considered pariahs by the Arab world by the news , Colonel Gaddafi to watch the fate of Saddam Hussein who was hanged by Iraqi civilians dead and her important lessons from this case. Maybe worth if we assume that Gaddafi ' s weapons of mass destruction using the card when he sees it there are advantages to establish a strategic partnership with America and Europe . With the lifting of international sanctions, Tripoli back into the international political agenda . Former Prime Minister Tony Blair were among the many heads of state who come stop in the tent that Gaddafi ' s luxurious Badawi installed in his palace in Tripoli . Ironically, the Arab world ' s pariah status as a leader not budge. During the year 2000 - an , a high- level Arab League conference would interfere with the eccentricity of this Libyan leader. For example , lighting a cigarette and exhale into the face of Arab leaders who sit next to them , or insulting state leaders - Gulf countries and the Palestinian leader , or called himself the " king of the kings of Africa. " The UN also has keekstrentrikan Colonel Gaddafi . In a general assembly meeting in 2010 , he made a speech during a quarter of an hour , but only given ten minutes . He spoke as he tore - tore the UN Charter. Rebellion oil combination makes water dani Libyan economy strong When the wind blows revolution to the Arab world from Tunisia in December 2010 , Libya was not located in the top of the list of " what country the next . " Colonel Gaddafi ' s authoritarian rulers in power for decades , but he is not viewed as a Western puppet just like the leader of the country - other Arab countries concerned with alleged Western interests rather than their own people . He handed out wealth - he also enrich his own family from the oil industry and others - others , but hard to argue that he is giving away wealth to buy the loyalty of his subjects more than to promote equality . He sponsored a large public works like water supply project of the famous man- made called Great Man - Made River which supplies fresh water to Libyan desert country . There was even Tripoli Spring is to give understanding to the citizens of Libya in exile that they can return to their homeland without trial or imprisoned. When the call " day of rage" was first circulated, Colonel Gaddafi has promised to participate berdemonstasi with the people , according to the myth that he developed that he was " the brother leader of the revolution " which had long been providing power to the people. Apparently , the smell of freedom and the possibility of overthrowing Gaddafi , like dropping Hosni Mubarak and Ben Ali , the temptation is too strong for the opposition among the people of Libya , especially in eastern Libya . Some early recordings show the rebellion of Benghazi Libya young children destroy monolith - Green Book monolith outside the government building which illustrate the doctrine of liberation Gaddafi . Very likely, Colonel Gaddafi will retaliate with all its ability to remain in power . There is no record in the past that suggests he will hand over power .

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