Soyuz will Gliding early April

Moscow : Russia has set a date for the launch of three new U . S . and Russian astronauts to the International Space Station ( ISS ) . The announcement is almost a week after a problem with the aircraft which forced Russia to cancel Soyuz launch. Russian Space Agency head Anatoly Perminov was quoted as saying the office - Russian news agencies , recently , said the Soyuz TMA - 21 will slide to the ISS at 11. 18 GMT on April 5 from the Baikonur launch pad , Russia , in Kazakhstan . Soyuz TMA - 21, will bring NASA astronut Ronald violations and Russian cosmonaut Alexander Andrei Borisenko and Samokutyayev to the ISS . The aircraft named after Gagarin , a major figure in the race to space during the cold war between the U . S . and the Soviet Union . Russia has suspended the launch was to solve communication problems on the Soyuz, which raises concerns about reliability. While NASA, who will retire the fleet re - aliknya , have relied exclusively Russian Soyuz for transporting crews to the space station since late 2009 .

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