Intel Celeron Bride Sandy Launch Soon

After launching Sandy Bridge generation in beginning of the year, Intel also plans to release version cheap architecture them. Chipbaru Sandy Bridge Celeron was going to be released in quarter 3 (Q3) 2011 future. As quoted from Softpedia, Saturday (04/09/2011), three Celeron chips for desktop-based Sandy Bride middle Intel prepared. But perhaps the Celeron does not support the features of Turbo Boost, Hyper Threading, and AVX have been the mainstay technology Intel. This is done to reduce the price of chips to market cheaper. These products will not be used to replace architecture Wolfdale (E3400 and E3500), which was launched since January 2010. January 2011, Intel launched its Core processors and the Core i7 i5 second generation. While his model i3 comes in February 2011. Just wait for cheap berharaga Sandy Bride is present in Indonesia.

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