Mercedes GP Forward Step Over

Brackley - Nico Rosberg admitted satisfied with the performance ditunjukannyain Chinese GP weekend. View recording race, young rider from Germany that had lead the way race even though he is only able to touched the finish line in fifth. Although no podium, Rosberg admitted his plan to walk accordance with original expectations. "Racing on Sunday was Grand Prix is ​​one of the most interesting I've ever follow, "said Rosberg in the crash on Sunday (04/24/2011) "It took a few moments after the race to meresapai results this, because I have high expectations to reach the podium good and I have led the quarter in race, "said Rosberg still lament its failure because his team did not calculate with precision mature material fuel use in Chinese GP last. "I can not blame anyone in the team because shortages of fuel, it's a lesson we should learn together, "said Rosberg. "We should be happy makea step forward in China that has been achieved by all thanks people work very hard. My attitude is always the same, that is we win and lose together as a team, "said Rosberg. And, ahead of the Turkish Grand Prix which took place May 8, 2011 next Rosberg mengungkapka will meet at the Brackley team element to conduct evaluations in three series that has lasted and then patch the deficiencies in the various lines. "After Easter, I will visit the headquarters in Brackley for met with the team and see what we've learned in the first three races and what we could do before the European season in starting. We all want to do further improvements and we have worked very hard to achieve this. There is a positive feeling within the team and I am very motivated, "Rosberg finished.

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