Nokia E6 Vs X7

JAKARTA - Nokia want to repeat again success obtained by the E71 and E72, through the presence of Nokia E6. This brand-new Smartphone designed by Nokia indeed as a tool for business people and entertainment enthusiasts. Besides Nokia E6, a company based in Finland has also introduced the X7. Both phones come with use the Symbian operating system latest, with brand-new icons and increased use of such input writing an easier, more browsers Ovi Maps faster and more fresh. "We further broaden the portfolio Nokia smartphone with the presence of two This latest device, both offers a user experience more intuitive and attractive, which will soon be available on Nokia N8, Nokia E7, Nokia Nokia C7 and C6-01, "said Jo Harlow, Head of Nokia Smart Devices Business, as reported through official statement on Wednesday (04/13/2011). "With the presence of two new devices These and other Symbian devices, as well as increasing usefulness in the near future, we believe can continue to maintain the fabric of which has been created by our users Nokia smartphones, as well as attract new users and users of smartphones competitors, "he added. Nokia E6 presents the beauty of design equipped business smartphone board full QWERTY keyboard and touch screen high resolution. Designed use premium materials such as glass and stainless steel, this device is present in the right size for easy good use by one or two hand. Nokia E6 bring battery life special and messaging experience out-of-the-box best of Microsoft at Business smartphones, including access to Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft Communicator Mobile and Microsoft SharePoint. Meanwhile, Nokia X7 is entertainment with wide screen smartphones 4 "is ideal for playing games and 8MP camera to take pictures and HD quality video. Nokia X7 designed in particular, made of stainless steel and glass combined smoothly as if no connection, provide a solid and strong sense of time in the clutch. Nokia X7 is loaded with a variety of popular games such as Galaxy on Fire HD and Asphalt 5 HD. Software that has been updated this presents a series of great features The latest designated specifically for businessmen, including safety standards companies with encryption acceleration hardware and new features such as e-mail ability to file a full meeting request. In the coming months update This software, known as Symbian Anna, will be available as standard software for the Nokia N8, Nokia E7, Nokia Nokia C7 and C6-01 new produced, are also available for download through a series of devices that have been previously attended.

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