Reach Innity Ad Position One Network in Southeast Asia

JAKARTA - Latest comScore Report Placing Innity As Ad Network Southeast Asia's leading. Innity as the largest ad network in Indonesia, has successfully reached more than 77 percent of the total users Internet. As a leading ad network Southeast Asia, ranks Innity over the last comScore report, which shows that Innity is an ad network that most prominent in the region. The company has also implemented tagging technology from comScore that allows web tags to be placed in the website content from publishers participating, ad networks, and content creators, which in turn will be tracked by comScore server every times the content with tags is accessed, thus ensuring accuracy in report. Particularly in Indonesia, occupies Innity sequence number one as an ad network where the largest according to the report, Innity reaches more than 77 percent of the 9.2 million total population of Internet users in Indonesia. Besides Indonesia, occupies also Innity top positions for the territory of Vietnam, Malaysia and Singapore, with attainment by 85 percent, 75.5 percent, and 78 percent of the total overall Internet users in their respective countries. "We are very confident of the potential and The increasing dynamism in Southeast Asian region. Assessment of comScore strengthens our position as a leader in technology in this industry. Innity will continue to provide interactive marketing solutions that best and innovative to meet the needs of marketers "said Phang Chee Leong, Innity CEO, as quoted by official statement on Tuesday

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