Robot Master Champion in the U.S. RoboWaiter

Bandung, happy news come from the United States. Robotics team WELCOME, Bandung, has won a RoboWaiter category on 18th championship Trinity College Fire Fighting Home Robot Contest in Hartford, Connecticut. In a short message received by detikINET, Digital Robotics Team Leader, Yusrilla Kerlooza said that his team managed to become a champion in the advanced class and the champion in class 1 and 2 standards in RoboWaiter category. Yus, close calls this man, say thanks to all those who have support and prayers of pleading all the Indonesian people for the team to be retain title in the competition others, 2011 RoboGames in San Mateo, USA. "Thank you for your prayers and support. Still Please pray for the seven other robots in 2011 RoboGames, Friday-Sunday (April 15 to 17 2011) in San Mateo, USA, "he wrote. WELCOME again this year sent a team robotikanya to compete in the event International robotics kejuaraaan United States. Not only competed in the 18 th Trinity College Fire Fighting Home Robot Contest, the team also will compete in 2011 RoboGames. In these two competitions, robotics team WELCOME bring 10 robots. Three robots prepared to follow the match on 18 th Trinity College Fire Fighting Home Robot Contest and seven robots prepared to compete in the 2011 RoboGames. Tenth-made robot is WELCOME RWS is the DU99, DU99 RWS4, DU99 RWE, RP DU116, DU114 v.11, v.11 DU114 RR4, DU112 SE, DU112SE1, MS and DU112 RUST. The robot is a robot series DU99 competed in the 18 th Trinity College Fire Fighting Home Robot Contest and the rest will competed in the 2011 RoboGames. News Digital victory has also been delivered in a fans committee page This race is on Facebook. On the wall Fan Page up, the committee congratulate the team of Indonesia. "Congratulation to DU99 RWE of Indonesia WHO just won the Advanced Division of RoboWaiter!, "Wrote the committee. Committee returned two hours later congratulate the team of Indonesia for its success become 1 and 2 champion in the standard rate same category, RoboWaiter. "The Indonesian team won first and Also second place in the Entry Level Division of RoboWaiter!, "Wrote the committee again. RoboWaiter is the category where the robot- the robot must be able to be servants for humans. The story is a robot must move one object from one point to another. Arena the game is set in such a way so that the robot is going through some obstacles. The fastest robot move objects without incurring obstacle is the winner.

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