Fab Design Introduce Mercedes-Benz SLS Gullstream

Mercedes-Benz AMG created SLS with a beautiful design. Character as a very powerful sports car let alone The German car manufacturer call it a supercar. What happens if the car door this gulwing modified, certainly looks will more ciamik and character. In the hands of Fab Design, display SLS now more frightening and character. They garapannya car call with Mercedes SLS Gullstream title. Fab Design is known as a repair shop tuning that produces works that could be spelled out fantastic. So do not be surprised if ubahannya results this time should diacungi thumb. Outerside Gullstream experiencing changes such as the addition of wide body. This can be seen starting from the spoiler front, side skirt to the side of the stern. With a white bandage, an aura of elegance These luxury cars are increasingly pushed. Beneath the bonnet, seated 6.3L V8 engine are capable of spraying power up to 615 horsepower with a torque maximum 690 Nm (511 lb-ft). With The engine of this supercar can a distance of 0-62 mph by the time 3.6 seconds and 0-124 mph sprint (200 km / h) only by 11 seconds, where speedometer needle will show number 202 mph (325 KMH). Gullstream can go quickly thanks to suspension qualified support. Apparently suspension used is Koni coilover suspension that alerts GT3 racing car used SLS. The car was increasing rate thanks to support from the rim custom size of 10x20 inches in front and 12x22 inches behind. In addition, exhaust with sound adjustment feature membuat This car drove quickly without a sound that is too noisy.

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