Indonesia Arrival Meteor Rain Eta Aquariids!

JAKARTA - For the fans astronomy in Indonesia, be prepared for this night up to two days ahead rain Eta meteor Aquariids will be visited Indonesia sky. "The rain meteors will appear Eta Aquariids in all parts of Indonesia, which peak at 6 to 8 May, " said Professor Dr Thomas Djamaluddin, Astronomy and Astrophysics of experts Institute of Space and Aviation National (LAPAN), in Jakarta, Friday (05/06/2011). To Okezone Thomas explains that the Eta meteor shower comes Aquariids of dust-comet dust combustion Halley. "Called because Eta Aquariids usually visible in the constellation constellation Aquarius, near the brightest star in constellation, namely Eta Aquarii, " said Thomas. Thomas said that the phenomenon Aquariids Eta meteor shower occurs every years. "This meteor will take place rain from late April to mid May later, but reached its peak in 6 to 8 May, with the number 60 meteors per hour "Thomas said. "Rain of meteors can be seen before Fajr in the sky to the east, with terms and conditions of clear sky free light pollution, "added Thomas.

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