Prepare Sony PlayStation 4

tOKYO - Though not yet free from the threat of hacker attacks, Sony has not forgotten his plans to develop console games latest generation, the PlayStation 4. Vice President Financial Officer as well as Masaru Kato confirm that the discourse on his conference call with investors. When asked to explain the research and development costs swollen, Masaru claim that cost increases used for the successor to the PlayStation 3. "We have started developing for the next platform, but I can not discuss the launch plans. So costs were used for that platform, "said Masaru as reported by Eurogamer, Friday (05/27/2011). Confirmation Masaru opposite of Chairman statement Kaz Hirai Sony Computer Entertainment several months ago that Japanese companies were not thinking about PS4 or any new generation game consoles. According to Hirai, the PS3 is still far from the end of the age of console gaming which usually lasts 10 years. Given the PS3 launch 2006, Hirai Sony's new console new estimate will next appears in 2016. Some observers technology Sony will annunciate announce this fourth-generation game console on E3 event next June in order to 'destroy' party Nintendo the plan also will release the Wii 2.
playstation 4

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