Samsung Want to See the iPhone 5 and iPad 3

Legal battle relatedpatents between Samsung and Apple continues. After the judge gives right to the Apple to view the latest product prototype Samsung, now turn to the South Korean vendors who insisted on seeing a prototype 5 and 3 iPhone Apple's iPad. Samsung sure, if they allowed see the iPhone 5 and 3 before the official IPAD released, this opportunity will be slightly help the central legal issues faced. But Samsung mobile did not elaborate clearly about the reasons of this. Last week, a court that handles both cases ordered Samsung submit a variety of instruments to Apple, among others Droid Charge, infusion 4G, Galaxy and Galaxy II S 10.1-inch Tab and 8.9-inch. Thus, Apple may decide what Samsung products in the case of this law. Reported by Gadgets and Gizmos and cited detikINET on Monday (5/30/2011), until This stage is not known whether the product Apple patent is violated or not. And Samsung was apparently not only request will wait to see iPhone iPad 5 and 3 granted.

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