Online Shopping with Convenient and Safe

JAKARTA - Shopping online is no longer a foreign activity for Internet users homeland. But this activity is not uncommon to the detriment of consumers who become victims of unscrupulous sellers fraud.

In order to anticipate the action of the fraud, AVP Marketing Communications Multiply, which incidentally is one of the popular social networking to e-commerce, Edward K. Suwignyo give some tips for Indonesian Internet users can shop online safely.

First, Edward urged consumers begin to familiarize themselves with online payment systems are now beginning to commonly used sites of e-commerce.

"The people of Indonesia are not yet familiar with the online payment system. Although the conduct online transactions, consumers in Indonesia are still happy to make payment offline, such as a cash deposit to the bank, transfer via ATM, and even meet with the seller to pay cash," he explained.

"I hope Indonesia will consumers use the online payment system that has been provided by the sites e-commerce, because their safety could be guaranteed. It is difficult for the site manager to oversee the transaction and its safety if consumers make payments online," added Edward.

In addition, Edward also suggested that consumers maximize the facilities forum to interact with sellers and see ratings from other consumers.

"Before buying a product, try to make contact with the seller and ask questions about the product. Consumers can also view the comments and ratings from other consumers who have never done a transaction with the seller is concerned. Are they satisfied or disappointed, of course, this could be an important consideration for consumers, "explained Edward.

"Finally, consumers can choose the vendor that has been trusted by the site manager. For example, in today we have a number of sellers who have status as a Trusted Seller, which is certainly more secure than other sellers," added Edward.

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