Tablet Android Super Fast

Tablet Android Super Fast King iPad tablet (Apple) have to be ready
Android faces an increasingly strong pressure .
Moreover , high -performance tablet Android
ready to slide into the market , later this year.
Party Nvidia claims the tablet with a quad chip -
Kal -El cores will be released in the near future.
" Tablets
with the support of Kal -El will slide on
this fall, as well as the CES 2012 event
for phone lines , " the statement Nvidia
to Cnet, on Monday ( 15 / 9 / 2011 ).
As is known , the output processor Nvidia
became the most popular for tablets Android
Honeycomb like Motorola Xoom,
Galaxy 10 .1 , Toshiba and Acer Thrive
Iconia Tab A 500 . Sony tablets in the
reportedly also will use the upcoming
Tegra chips .
Kal -El is itself a form of 'small ' of
12 -core GeForce GPU and is capable of displaying
HD quality video in 'extreme '. " Processor
Our latest generation , Kal - El , has a design
very strong. We also have a good relationship with
Google . So after Kal -El chip ready for production,
we will ' run ' ( in this market ), "said Nvidia CEO
Jen -Hsun Huang.
One thing that concerns of
the use of super- fast processor is
power consumption is very large . However, Huang
ward off anxiety . "Kal -El has a performance
Better than Tegra 2 , but with
less power consumption , " he explained .
" Very few people realize that Kal -
El consumes less power than
Tegra 2 in all aspects, " said Huang .
Motorola is referred to as a strong candidate user
These processors come in tablet-tablet.
Speculation was sticking out after CEO Sanjay Jha
had stated that it would
release tablets are "much more aggressive"
end of the year . Besides Motorola , Asus also
pointed out as candidates Nvidia users Kal -
El .

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