Younger Secrets

Even though it was difficult with the
his face always looks durable
Young , Nirina Zubir remain concerned
with beauty treatments
done routinely. Then ,
What recipes are preserved his youth?
Who does not want to appear durable
young ? Surely everyone
want it . To achieve
predicate, all treatments
was done early . Known ,
especially for women appear durable
young and have beautiful skin
is a major investment
could ignite confidence .
Nirina Zubir , presenter and former
MTV VJ was also agreed
them . However , the mother of one child
probably one of the women who
lucky because her face was always
look young. Therefore, business
less of a premature aging
serious problems. However , although
not difficult with the affairs
skin, the wife of band guitarist this Chocolate
remain diligent in taking care of themselves in
her beauty still radiates.
" Better care for the skin since the age of
20 s alone than we have to work
extra at a later date . As a result, in
age of 35 then we will not work
extra with beauty products
to extremes , " he said to
reporter at The Immigrant, Plaza
Indonesia recently.
Nirina itself including the type of
aware of these needs since
early . Women born in Madagascar
This was always done to keep
her beauty well. Then , what
Nirina beautiful secret for so long?
" Eating a healthy and well, sleep
fitting, and always happy , "
lid .

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