Evelyn Lozada quitting 'Basketball Wives'

Evelyn Lozada quitting
'Basketball Wives'
Did you enjoy the Jerry Springer -ish
catfight between Evelyn Lozada and
Tami Roman on the "Basketball Wives"
season finale ? Well, you may never get
to see them try to rip off each other 's
extensions again .
According to TMZ, Lozada wants off
the show because she feels the
producers " violated her trust by
allegedly divulging sensitive
information about an illicit relationship
she had in the past."
And if you watched the finale , you
know what "illicit relationship" she 's
allegedly referring to.
Bing: Cheryl Burke , Ochocinco had a
Lozada, currently the fiancée of
Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Chad
Ochocinco, revealed to castmember
Tami Roman that she had had an
affair with Roman 's ex -husband ,
Kenny Anderson . A revelation that
soon had fingers pointing and arms
And although , yes, Lozada appeared
to disclose the information on the
show all by herself , she apparently
feels she was pressured by the
show 's producers to tell all, and now
it seems she never wants to see
them -- or Tami Roman 's fists -- ever
again .
Evelyn Lozada quitting
'Basketball Wives'

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