Google sure Open Office in Indonesia

Google sure Open Office in Indonesia
JAKARTA - After being tossed around about the certainty of opening an office in Indonesia. Google to make sure everything is still running according to the original plan.

"Everything is still in the process, especially regarding the manufacture of our offices in Indonesia, we currently focus more to campaign for the growth of Internet usage in Indonesia," said Myriam Boublil, Google's Head of Communications of South Asia, told reporters in Jakarta on Tuesday (13 / 9 / 2011).

A number of journalists is continue grilling parties about the desirability of internet giant Google from California, United States (U.S.), to open office in Indonesia because it is not satisfied with the answer. Diplomatically, Boublil will announce soon about insurance.

"Maybe we'll arrange a meeting is more appropriate to tell you about when exactly we build an office here," he explained.

As a first step, Google has just launched his first campaign in Indonesia with the theme 'Make the Internet Covering an area of ​​creations'. This is an integrated online and offline campaigns greatest during the history of the founding of Google.

This campaign emphasizes the benefits of the Internet for those who want to do more than just looking or searching for information on the internet. The campaign was also shaped a series of video stories that illustrate the success of a swallow occurs, either in small or large, whether serious or casual.
Google sure Open Office in Indonesia

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