Intel Developer Forum 2011 Official Held

Intel Developer Forum 2011
Official Held
San Francisco, an annual
event the Intel Developer
Forum (IDF ) held back. In this
event, Intel will reveal if the
technologist what would
become a trend in the future.
IDF first held in 1997, this event
is always filled by the authorities
of Intel who will share their
visions about the future. For
IDF 2011, Intel will reveal many
different types of technologies
and features about the security
of surf, cloud computing, and
ultrabook era. The event is
scheduled to begin 13
September 2011 at the
Moscone Center West, San
Francisco and was opened by
Paul Otellini, President and
Chief Executive Officer, Intel
Corporation. This event will
reportedly be followed by five
thousand participants who are
mostly the application
developers. Meanwhile, 600 of
whom are the media and
observers from around the
world of technology, including
detikINET as the representative
of Indonesia.
Intel Developer Forum 2011
Official Held

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