Prototipe iPhone 5

Prototipe iPhone 5
News of the loss
iPhone prototype 5 -consuming
attention . Unlike the loss of
iPhone prototype four raised
by tech site Gizmodo , until
This prototype is now iPhone 5
has not been leaked to the public .
IPhone prototype 4 was purchased
Gizmodo for USD 5 . 000 of
people who find it. Apple
not receive the iPhone 4
publicized so that eventually
they bring an action against the seller
and also parties to the realm of
law .
Yes , the two inventors of the
iPhone 4 is currently undergoing
the legal process in court -related
charges of theft . They are
Brian Hogan and Robert Sage
Wallower who sold it to the party
Gizmodo . As for the Gizmodo
still escape from the ambush of the
law .
Well , as quoted from
BeatWeek , Tuesday (6 / 9 / 2011 ),
anyone not considered the inventor of
the iPhone 5
want to experience lawsuits
same . Therefore until now ,
he did not menampakkannya or
sold to other parties.
Police in San Francisco
Apple acknowledges requested help
investigation of the missing iPhone 5 .
They went to someone's house
named Sergio Calderon
allegedly knew where the prototype
is located .
" Apple came to us and said
that they find stuff that
missing and some policemen to
they went to the house , "
said Troy Dangerfield of San
Francisco Police Department.
But the search has not been
fruition . A search in
Calderon did not find a home
prototype in question . Partly
assess the loss of this prototype
is a marketing effort of
Apple to build momentum
since the launch of the iPhone 5
close .
Prototipe iPhone 5

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