Artificial Teeth Important For Oral Health

Artificial Teeth Important For
Oral Health
New York: Teeth that have been revoked
and not replaced with artificial teeth can be
pose problems for health,
oral health in particular. Weight
severity of problems caused varying
between one person to another, but
can be very annoying in cases
which is quite heavy.
Take for example the missing tooth is the lower
Upper teeth are in opposition to the teeth
which is revoked may be more down than
tooth next to it because of the style of chewing
theforce of gravity. Likewise, teeth that is located
former cavities adjacent to teeth that had
revoked, may change the position of
tilted toward the missing tooth.
This if left over time can
interfere with comfort during mastication
food. Furthermore, if there are obstacles
in mastication because of the position of teeth
not normal, the teeth and jaws will be looking for
a bite
The new comfortable to chew. This in
most cases will lead to
TMJ abnormalities in patients. In the case of
severe enough, this condition causes pain
head is quite heavy in the jaw joint area.
The explanation is as follows. In
bite the harmonious movement, the muscles on
both sides
face relaxation experienced when no movement
chewing or swallowing. When someone
chewing or swallowing, the muscles of the jaw
must be
contraction in a balanced manner in order to gear
up and
can be closed down within a
simultaneously. In other words there is no teeth
contact earlier than the other teeth.
But if there is a problem with the bite, upper teeth
and bottom are not met the right position
so make your jaw muscles to work harder
and the jaw joints have to shift positions so
can bring the upper and lower teeth meet
with the fitting.
In addition, although at rest and not
no movement in the jaw joint, jaw muscles
can not relax completely though
This situation is not always perceived by the
In an advanced, muscles and jaw joints can be
feel uncomfortable, tired, and stiff. It is
can also lead to the onset of headache
that interfere with, damage to teeth or joints
jaw, and other symptoms. Patients also can
experience sleep disturbances, and difficulty
during sleep.
That is just the negative impacts associated with
function, not to mention its impact in terms of
aesthetic. When
missing teeth is back teeth may not
too obviously visible except the mouth in a state
wide open. But if that's missing is the teeth
back will certainly interfere with performance.
Plus, the height of the bone that has been
tooth loss over time will decrease and
bone mass will be reduced. Consider the age
further the already toothless, his face as if
shortened and the cheeks become jackson. That's
result of reduced bone height,
thus supporting the cheeks is also a
Artificial Teeth Important For
Oral Health

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