How to get listed in Sprint Zone (within applications)

How to get listed in Sprint Zone (within applications)
Sprint customers head to the Sprint area, located on Android phones, like the Evo 3D, for recommendations on applications.

(Credit: Sarah Tew) Sprint Nextel is offering some real estate developers to offer their applications highlighted - if you are willing to pay for it.

The company said Friday it plans to launch a new auction system for developers, allowing them to bid for spots in the area of ​​application of Sprint and Sprint tab is in the Android Market - two places where new customers Sprint go get recommendations for apps.

Sprint Zone is an application found on all Android smartphones that allows users to check their usage, pay bills, and access to company news. It also has a section that highlights the special applications. Similarly, Sprint tab is a section in the market with the recommended applications.

The decision to sell placement in the application area and the tab Sprint Sprint through this auction system that puts more in line with the way online ads are bought and placed and is appropriately called "Place Your Ad." But the change also marks a change in the philosophy behind which has applications in the spotlight.

Previously, developers who submit their applications on a "box step", which would be reviewed by employees of Sprint. A lucky few were chosen and were collected in much merit. The process, however, was free, so that financial considerations are not taken into account in the form of an application is chosen.

With the new system, a developer with the right marketing budget could win the time slot, some customers may deduct for having been blessed with Sprint as a recommended application.

I expressed my concern to an executive at Sprint, which was quick to ensure that this was not the case. Brian Smith, director of product management for the company, said the program really opens up possibilities for developers due to the small area and Tab Sprint Sprint will be able to turn more quickly through different application recommendations, allowing more slots.

"Previously, there was a clear process," said Smith. "We decided that it is best for the company to be the choice of applications, it is best to let developers decide."

Since the program is that there is no way to measure what an average ticket would look like, Sprint said.

Same quality control
In addition, applications will go through the same rigorous selection process before they can participate in the program, he said. For example, applications should have a security policy to protect customer privacy and other personal information.

"Developers are pre-selected by us," said Smith. "We have control over it. These are the latest and greatest applications."

Smith rejected the idea that a developer can big muscles through its competition with more money. He noted that previously, it was hard for Sprint employees to find applications and developers with big budgets can visit Sprint to show their applications, which had a better chance of getting featured. In comparison, the auction process is a democratic option that allows smaller developers to participate, he said.

"We keep this section fresh continually offered to customers," he said. "That's what will drive value for customers, giving them the choice."

Developers can also buy points linked to a specific time or subject. When the Evo 3D came out, Sprint showed the 3D capabilities of Spider-Man in the Highlights section, only to have a series of trotting gambling games companies for Sprint in an effort to make the center of attention. At that time, the selection of applications was a manual process, so Sprint could not find a spot for other games over time. Sprint plans to use different themes at different times of year.

But with the new auction platform, developers can bid on the placement at a particular time if it is a release film or other current event, Smith said. Sprint can now more quickly themed 3D section if you want to show the applications that took advantage of a new phone on the market.

Bidding for placement of
Placing your ad is an auction platform by Global WMC, which has helped companies monitor the quality of third-party content that run on their phones and networks.

The online auction allows developers to bid on a particular time and placement. Once a developer has submitted its bid, which will receive an answer that shows how much time is left on the auction, and that classifying the bidder (World WMC not reveal the identities of other bidders). The auction lasts one week and ends with the winner getting the placement.

It is a common model for online advertising, said Robin Thompson, director of marketing for World WMC. In this model, developers only make an offer that is as big as your marketing budget allow it, and let the auction decide whether it is enough.

"It's not a random event," said Thompson.

I also expressed my concern to Thompson, who echoed the sentiments of many of Smith. He maintained that the auction process is more transparent than before, when Sprint arbitrarily choose the applications. Either way, he believes the bar high for quality should dispel any concern.

"While customer experience is good, not so different from before," he said.

The other major carriers offer their own preloaded applications, or even their own app stores. But none offers an auction system to earn points as featured applications.

"They are the first company to launch this, but not the last," said Thompson.
How to get listed in Sprint Zone (within applications)

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