In Memoriam, Steve Jobs

In Memoriam, Steve Jobs
Jakarta, Steve Jobs, founder, former CEO and chairman of Apple had died on October 5, 2011. Jobs died after struggling with pancreatic cancer.

Of course, the death of Steve Jobs provoke comments from various leaders who have much contact with him. Starting from Bill Gates, who said: "I will really miss Steve." U.S. President, Barack Obama, who said that Jobs changed the way we see the world.

Up to a variety of condolences from various vendors who arguably spend much of their time to find a way to beat Apple products on the market.

To view a summary of his life story, see the article titled Journey's Steve Jobs 1955-2011. Some transitions Jobs appearances throughout his career, can also be listened to in the article: Steve Jobs from period to period.

10 sentences of Jobs' inspiring memorable, and perhaps could be material to quote one day, there are 10 sentences in the article entitled The Genius Inspiring.

Tried to construct a sentence to commemorate Jobs was not easy. Moreover, the capacity simply a 'view from afar' and never knew personally Jobs.

One thing is for sure, Jobs is a figure that will be replaced by anyone. Currently, that can be said only: Bye Jobs, we'll miss you!
In Memoriam, Steve Jobs

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