Quick & Accurate Diagnosis of Osteoporosis

Quick & Accurate Diagnosis of Osteoporosis
ORDER optimal treatment of osteoporosis, it should be an accurate method of diagnosis. The latest is to use serum betacrosslaps (CTX), which can identify patients in just three months.

People with osteoporosis in Indonesia continues to increase in number. Currently there are approximately 200 million people worldwide suffer from bone loss by the percentage of one in three women over the age of 50 years and one in five men over 50 years.

For treatment of osteoporosis itself, usually the doctor will focus in an attempt to slow or stop the sufferer to lose minerals, improving bone density, and pain control in accordance with the illness.

For optimal results, it is not enough just to sophisticated drugs. Needed a solution that includes an accurate diagnosis, patient adherence to current treatment standards and monitoring on a regular basis.

"Treatment of osteoporosis begins with optimal accurate diagnosis, treatment for a minimum of one year, and monitoring of treatment outcomes. The concept of a comprehensive treatment of this not only helps the doctors, but also patients and the government, considering osteoporosis has become a burden of financing health, economic or social, "said Chairman of the Indonesian Osteoporosis Association (Perosi), Prof. Dr. Dr. Errol U Hutagalung FICS SpOT SpB (K ) in Jakarta, recently.

To be more accurate in diagnosing osteoporosis, the world's leading pharmaceutical companies, Roche, introduced a new method through a serum beta-crosslaps (CTX). According to the Head of Medical Management Roche Indonesia, Dr. Predy Setiawan, bone marker tests (bone markers) can help the treatment of osteoporosis patients benefit optimally by combining the benefits of drug therapy ibandronat once a month and check the serum.

"This solution enables physicians to identify the patient's response to therapy and predict the risk of fracture or broken bone," he said.

The old method of measuring bone density using a bone density measurement (BMD) with the technique of dual energy x-ray absorption (DEXA), he continues, is only able to monitor the outcome of therapy after one or two years. Unfortunately, many patients who feel bored and stop therapy earlier.

In addition, because osteoporosis affects older people, often encountered patients not taking medication as directed so that the result be not optimal. Meanwhile, examination of beta-crosslaps (CTX) were able to identify patients at high risk of bone loss and fractures and is able to detect the patient's response to treatment in only three months.

"This will enhance patient adherence to therapy," said Predy.

He argues, post-menopausal osteoporosis is decreased bone mass gradually increases as age increases the risk of fragility fractures and fracture tulang.Kejadian more common in older women due to a decrease in bone density after menopause naturally.

"After experiencing a first vertebral fracture, fracture risk of a woman's increased fivefold in the period of one tahun.Karena it, the first fracture prevention is very important," he said.

Actually, this process lasts long porous bones. Generally in the body, there is a balance between the process of new bone formation and bone resorption Another ongoing.

In childhood, the process of new bone formation occurs more frequently than the process of bone resorption due to the child in the process of growth. Bone density will reach peak bone mass (peak bone mass) at about 25-35 years of age.

After that, the process of bone resorption will occur more than the process of new bone formation. Under normal circumstances, a person will lose 0.9 percent of the bones each year.

However, in women after menopause at age 40-50 years, there will be 2-4 percent bone loss per year due to declining estrogen. While in men, will occur at the age of 50-60 years with the occurrence of andropause due to reduced testosterone.

Risk factors for osteoporosis, among them a woman, someone who was thin, elderly, have been through menopause, family history, suffering from anorexia nervosa or bulimia, Asia and the Caucasian race, low-calcium diet, and taking certain medications such as corticosteroids in patients long-term asthma and antacids can interfere with calcium absorption.

In addition, the lifestyle is too relaxed, less physical activity, smoking, drinking alcohol, lack of vitamin D, and not many sports activities are also to be the originator of osteoporosis. For that, for those who were aged under 35 years old, preferably as early as possible "saving" of calcium. As for the age on it, the activities to take care of the bones to remain strong must be executed.
Quick & Accurate Diagnosis of Osteoporosis

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