Scientists Create Key 'Invisible'

Scientists Create Key 'Invisible'
TAIPEI - If previously we could only see in movies, has now become a reality, for scientists have successfully created a key 'unseen'.

As quoted by AFP on Tuesday (04/10/2011), a team of scientists from Taiwan has developed key technology that is not visible.

Invisible key is intended by its creator scientists so that users can open the door using only hand gestures alone.

"In the future, you do not have to worry about lost or miss the key," said Yao-Pin Tsai, leader of the study, who also teaches in the Technology and Science Institute of Northern Taiwan.

"In the technology being developed, the scientists insert a chip that can detect movement in three dimensions, the same as that used in the Nintendo Wii gaming console," he added.

Tsai concluded that the future users will be able to open their doors simply by moving their hands through the sensor.
Scientists Create Key 'Invisible'

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