Features on the Nvidia Tegra 3

Features on the Nvidia Tegra 3
Jakarta, the latest generation of Nvidia Tegra claimed to have a tremendous performance. In addition to having 4 processor core as the prime mover, this product turned out to have an additional feature of a processors 'reserve' for a particular application.

Applications are now demanding the chip maker to create a powerful processor yet power efficient. To try to achieve through Nvidia's Tegra 3.

This latest generation has the Tegra line of processors with 4 cores with performance dikalim 5X higher than the previous series. However, to suppress the power consumption of Nvidia membekalinya with an additional processor.

In a written statement received detikINET, Friday (11/11/2011), Nvidia explained that the processor reserve will work only for applications that do not require great strength.

For example, for open music applications, video, or when the phone / tablet in the idle state. Meanwhile, while it is in a state of multitasking or playing 3D games, the otomati processors with 4 cores that will work.
The technology that is unique to Nvidia's patented Variable name symmetric multiprocessing (vSMP), and supposedly will be the new standard Nvidia chips in the future.

Nvidia Tegra 3, scheduled to be mass produced from 2012. The first product that will use this chip is a tablet PC ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Prime.
Features on the Nvidia Tegra 3

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