HTC beat Apple & Samsung

Samsung and Apple may just be the master of the global smartphone market. But in one of the most important market, the United States (U.S.), they are both subject to HTC, the Taiwanese mobile phone vendors.

The U.S. smartphone market is the largest in the world. According to data from research firm Canalys in the third quarter of 2011, HTC shipped a total of 5.77 million units of smartphones that put him as the top mobile phone vendor in the U.S..

"This is a wonderful achievement for HTC managed to build a premium brand in a highly competitive market in just a short amount of time," said Chris Jones, Canalys analyst who quoted from InformationWeek, Wednesday (11/02/2011).

Came in second place was Samsung that the country was poured 4.9 million units of smart phones. The top three are Apple shipped 4.6 million units of iPhones. Apple argued that the sale is less satisfactory because of delays release of iPhone 4S.

Canalys also underlined that Apple most likely will return to the top in the fourth quarter with the presence of a proven 4S iPhone sold well. As many as 4 million iPhone units sold in 3 days 4S marketing globally.

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