Nikon D800 with Sensor 36 Megapixel

Upscale new Nikon camera, D800, has appeared in cyberspace. The camera is full frame look smaller and lighter when compared to the D700.

Even so, one thing is widely heard, D800 will be embedded with the highest output resolution Nikon DSLR. Yes, it is reported to be carrying the D800 36-megapixel sensor with a resolution of 7360 x 4912 - confirmed by EXIF ​​data.

With premium specifications, of course Nikon champ is ready to compete with other modern cameras both existing and new will come on the market.

Quoted from Electronista, Monday (11/21/2011), D800 was born with not so similar to his 'brother', D700. Therefore, the D800 has a new layout that includes the ability to change the focus mode switch to change from silent mode and movie mode coincided with toogling live view.

His ability to record video was claimed to be more qualified, plus with LCD to preview a wider and videos that can be generated with a 1080p 30fps staying digadang promising.

Still, the name 'successor' generations, there are still parts of the D800 is derived from the D700. Such as the ability to auto focus system.

Nikon itself has not confirmed when the 'weapon' new will be released. That said, according to gossip in the outcome, rather than at the end of 2011 this, but in the next year.

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