S4 Snapdragon Qualcomm Mobile Processors

S4 Snapdragon Qualcomm Mobile Processors
SAN DIEGO - One of Qualcomm executive, said Cristiano Amon is currently expanding the ranks of the latest generation that has been proven tough for a mobile chip, by presenting a Snapdragon processor S4.

Amon said that the processor is able to deliver speeds anyarnya of S4 which is intended for smart phones and tablets to give you the tools become cheaper without losing sight of the design, specification and availability.

Something that definitely, the S4 will be further optimized to support multimedia, connectivity, camera, screen, security systems, battery energy management, browsing and user interface design.

Snapdragon chips also include MSM S4 nirkable modem technology from Qualcomm that can support EVDO, HSPA, TD SCDMA, LTE FDD, TDD LTE and WiFi standards.
"CPU" The Krait 'is an important part of the class S4 Snapdragon processor, "said Ammon, as quoted by TG Daily, Thursday (11/17/2011).

"That is the next generation of architectural Qualcomm berukutnya microstructures with the aim of improving significantly the performance of mobile devices and has other advantages as a regulator of energy which leads to increased user experience in terms of battery life better," he explained.

S4 berbasi device processor is expected to appear in early 2012. Qualcomm Snapdragon Prsesor classified from S1 destined for entry-level smartphone, S2 to menunjuang high performance on smartphones and tablets, S3 for advanced gaming and multitasking and the latest S4 devoted to the latest generation of advanced devices.
S4 Snapdragon Qualcomm Mobile Processors

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