Chrome vs Firefox

CALIFORNIA - According to StatCounter, Chrome managed to outperform the Mozilla Firefox as browser number two. Chrome is the success achieved, made ​​him perched on the back of Internet Explorer that still dominate the browser.

Reported by Mashable, Friday (12.02.11), Wall Street Journal reported a charge of 25.69 per cent of the Chrome browser market share globally, win by a nose of Firefox are only able to reach 25.23 percent.

While Internet Explorer still dominates the market are reported at 40.62 percent.

In the United States (U.S.), Chrome is still ranked third with 17.3 percent, up 6.41 percent compared to last November. While Internet Explorer remains at the top with 50.66 percent and the second position with 20.09 percent controlled Firefox.

Command of Internet Explorer browser is now challenged by the existence of smartphones and tablets. According to other researchers,, Safari is the default browser the iPhone and the iPad is claimed to control 62.17 percent of mobile traffic.

While Internet Explorer is only 52.63 percent of traffic to reach the desktop.

Given the high interest in Chrome, the browser will probably be Android mobile plaform.

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