Luxury Island Sale $ 12 Billion

Luxury Island Sale $ 12 Billion
WANT to have a private island? A tiny coral island in the archipelago of Florida, is now priced at $ 12 Billion.

This island stands on the coral reefs and is an island that has a luxury property in the form of an area of ​​762 square meter villa with beautiful scenery, a helipad, and a small harbor.

As reported by Dailymail, Sunday (9/12/2011), the home has three bedrooms and two bathrooms, so it can accommodate nine residents. The island is only three minutes away by motorboat from the town of Florida, USA.

From this island you can do snorkeling activities or divinig, because coral reefs are very beautiful. You also can feel the luxury of living by fishing boats on display.

Marvin Arrieta, the island is the sales agent explained that the house on the island was built in 1980 and is usually rented out at USD 5000 per week. "The island was formerly owned by Robert and Elena Williford since 1995, but now they've rarely spent time on this island that wants to sell it," said Marvin.

"The island was recently announced its sales for 10 days, but already many are interested in doing deals," he said.

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