BMW M6 Convertible Share with M5 engine

BMW M6 Convertible Share with M5 engine - BMW M6 Convertible on display in the arena of New York Motor Show 2012. M6 Convertible is priced at 98 995 pounds or about Rp1, 44 billion.

The new M6 Convertible will be sold in the UK market in September. For specifications of the engine, the BMW M6 Convertible uses the same engine as the model M5. BMW M6 Convertible powered by a gasoline engine twin-turbocharged V8, 4.4 liter capacity. Machine combined with a seven-speed double and berkopling.

Engine capable of developing a power output reaching 552 horsepower and 502 lb ft of torque. New BMW M6 Convertible has a weight of 1980 kilograms or 50 pounds heavier than the previous variants. With this composition M6 Convertible is able to record acceleration 0-100 km / h in 4.3 seconds.

Dimodali car braking system carbon ceramic disc material. This is the first time offered on the M6 disc brake. Available in a combination of 20-inch wheels, and carbon-ceramic discs measure 410mm in front and 396mm at the rear. BMW M6 Convertible Share with M5 engine