Used Aston Martin Auctions Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Used Aston Martin Auctions Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. An Aston Martin DB7 former Saudi royal family will soon be auctioned. Aston Martin DB7 is the only one who carries the V8 engine from the beginning. Aston Martin DB7 different from the others who only uses a V6 engine.

Aston Martin DB7 was launched carbuzz, was first birth in 1993 to replace the Aston Martin DB6 Mk II that has traveled the world since 1971. No need to wait a long time, the car has become one of the mainstay of the British manufacturer.

Meanwhile, the order then came from the Saudi royal family who want to made a car that was specially designed for them. After tibuh and accessories made ​​specifically, the engine was pinned.

When normally only used six-cylinder engine, to the Saudi royal family cars, the V8 Vantage engine embedded.

Thus, in 1998 this car alerts will no longer be found inline six-cylinder engine with 24 valves and 335 hp supercharged powered normally found in the Aston Martin DB7, but the new engine capacity of 6.4 liter V8-powered 452 hp.

To offset the increase in power, suspension, brakes and steering systems were redesigned in order to satisfy the Saudi family.

Now, after a dozen years of use, it turns red berkelir car has been running as far as 3220 miles or about 5182 km. With privileges and status condition, the car will be auctioned on September 1 at Brooklands will be able to terlelang up to 80,000 pounds or USD 1.2 billion. Used Aston Martin Auctions Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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