10 Facts iPhone 5

California - Apple Inc. gadget company. rumored to be launching a new product, the iPhone 5. By invitation, the smart phone is going for release on 12 September 2012. Approaching the day, more and more people could not wait for the presence of the iPhone 5. Why? Because of this gadget is touted as the latest Apple devices do Steve Jobs before his death in 2011.

Although Apple has not released the shape of the iPhone 5, the news circulated this smart phone will be thinner than the previous iPhone series. So is its software, will be much smoother and faster. And here's 10 facts about the iPhone 5, which was launched from the Clarion Ledger website.

1. iPhone 5 is the last major project of Steve Jobs. In fact according to one analyst, iPohne series is a project in which Jobs was so involved from the initial concept to final design. For that reason, the iPhone 5 was mentioned would be a tribute to Jobs.

2. There is no official name for the iPhone 5. The name that will appear on the launch, on Wednesday. But the invitation launch event, Apple put the number 5. Then there is the number 12 in the form of shadow, which is the date of the event.

3. Although Apple has declared the release made on 12 September, many predict when the new iPhone 5 on the market on September 21. That is why Apple habits. New products emerge to the surface a few days after the announcement.

4. To have the launch of the iPhone since the first day, you do not need to stay in the yard shop or fly to America. Simply shop via the Internet through AT & T, C Spire, Verizon, or Sprint.

5. Public impatience awaiting the presence of the iPhone 5 memuncukan predictions when this gadget sales will reach 10 million units at the end of September 2012.

6. Shape iPhone 5 is rumored to be slimmer than previous products. But analysts expect Apple to keep using metal or metal with kinds of colors.

7. Screen iPhone 5 is estimated to be larger than previous phones. According to analysts, the screen was not made wide. Rather elongated. Although not as big as the Samsung Galaxy, certainly will not be as small as the previous iPhone.

8. For capacity battery, iPhone users no longer need to upset. When in the product quickly run out of steam before the iPhone, Apple has now adds to the battery.

9. iPhone 5 will be equipped with 4G LTE network. With this network, the Apple iPhone 5 expect more and more sought after.

10. Finally, the iPhone 5 will not use a 30 pin connector as in the first series. Apple now lists the 19-pin connector on the iPhone 5. The reason, the 30 pin connector is too large for the iPhone 5 thinner body.
The look and features of the iPhone 5 is much more fashionable and simpler than the previous product. But as the old saying goes, there is a way there is a price. And sophisticated gadget would not priced.