Aston Martin Aspire Gold Plated Android Phones

Aston Martin is known as a manufacturer of luxury cars with exorbitant thirst. Now, the British manufacturer's foray into the smartphone market share by presenting Aston Martin Aspire.

Aston Martin Aspire comes with three colors, namely silver, white and gold. The price is pretty outrageous. For metals priced $ 1290. And mobile phones with a layer of gold sold USD 1590, or approximately USD 15 million.

For the operating system, Aston Martin chose Android. Unfortunately, as quoted from Phandroid, Wednesday (09/19/2012), Android Gingerbread version still selected.

Specifications were countless old school. The handset's 3.5 inch sail armed only with a 5 megapixel camera, 800MHz processor and 256MB RAM. Much when compared to a high end smartphone today.

But the design is nice and memorable brand Aston Martin is expensive. Presumably, people who buy this handset more concerned with prestige, not the specs.