Cabbage & Broccoli Prevent Lung Cancer

AVERAGE adult will breathe more than 20,000 times a day. The hard work of the lungs may help the body to keep cells remain ternutrisi with oxygen and remove carbon dioxide.

The lungs are protected by the ribs that are around the chest. In good conditions, the lungs will carry oxygen in the blood cells in our bodies. Oxygen content of blood cells and is important for the stability of the body. However, what happens if the lungs are not cared for properly?

Smoking, pollution and free radicals will definitely burden the work function of the lungs. Smoking can aggravate your lungs work. Cigarette smoke narrowed airways that direct air to the lungs. It also causes swelling of the lungs and break down lung tissue, as reported by Fitsugar.

If exposed to inflammation or swelling in the lungs, you could try aspirin to relieve inflammation. But, of course, after you consult a /,a href="">doctor. To prevent diseases such as inflammation or lung cancer, you must be diligent eating vegetables, such as broccoli or cabbage. These vegetables contain isothiocyanates that help fight cancer. In more than 30 studies, patients who consume vegetables like broccoli or cabbage, have a lower risk of lung cancer.