Fifth Generation iPod Touch

After two years later, Apple finally introduced the fifth-generation iPod Touch along with the iPhone 5 at the event on October 12. Although announced simultaneously, but the iPod Touch 5 comes later than the 'brother', exactly the beginning of October.

Not seheboh time of sale Phone 5, this brand-new iPod Touch has entered into various stores in several major countries. Indonesia? Of course not, because until now there is still no certainty.

But if the patient does not have a digital entertainment device, Singapore became the closest that already brings the fifth-generation iPod Touch.

Lucky, the second coming of the latest iPod Touch INET is in a state still wrapped to immediately tested and enjoyed. Here are the results of experience in a nutshell.

As with previous versions, the new iPod Touch comes with a transparent glass box that appeared in it with a plain device, looks like a classic fairy tale princess sleeping in a handsome prince waiting to wake up. It's gorgeous.

Since the fifth generation iPod Touch has a screen that is longer, of course, take the glass box to adjust. Hmm ... can not wait to open the magic box is out of place.

After opening the seal and lift the iPod Touch looks earphone connector cable and a new design, which is already known even before Apple announced its own.
But hey this is what it is, there is such light as made paper chains come in the box? Oalah, this is called a loop, in order to hang the iPod Touch in hand. The location of this loop to attach themselves at the bottom right.

5 iPod Touch comes with a variety of colors ranging from red, yellow to green, it looks cute. But the second INET have white and silver, so still looks dashing.
Actually, the iPod Touch is cutting a small part of the functions of the iPhone. So when Apple's iPhone 5 is claimed to be lighter and thinner smartphone, then seconds later INET imagine what the new iPod Touch.

Surprise! Apparently the iPod Touch is not only extends to the 4 inch size, but also lighter with a thinness that is very comfortable to hold. Based on the testimony, weighs only 88 grams.
Although thin, frail no impression when worn. Moreover, only held one hand.

Furthermore, the fifth-generation iPod Touch has been carried using a new connector lightining, underneath there are speakers and a headjack 35 mm that are already switching positions.
At the back of the body there is also a camera, and LED flash that can be added to pemotertan light in an indoor space.

Oh yeah about earphones is equally enchanting. Not only the change in the futuristic design, but from the sound quality is also much better. For those who like to play a song out loud, tanpaknya not need to worry, because in-ear earphones is also convenient.
Since the fourth generation, Apple is adding features of the camera in the iPod Touch. However, many say, is like a picture taker features just mere decoration. Much less memorable.

Luckily, a big jump in iPod Touch do this 5, so Apple immerse resolution camera of 5 MP, ƒ/2.4 aperture. Very satisfying for jeprat-snap, polas-polished and uploaded to Instagram.