Miyamoto Know the Nintendo Game Designer

WHO knows no Nintendo. Console gaming genius who was born in the 1980s, it had become the idol of children and adolescents. Moreover, it successfully makes the game console with the most sales in the era of 16-bit (or reach 49 million units).

Now, Nintendo briefly forgotten, especially with the presence of a number of game consoles such as Playstation or Xbox that continues to innovate, and grind as the old games.

Even at that Nintendo has a major influence on the experience and interaction design, and game players are playing. Even very fitting that Nintendo aligned with Apple, Microsoft, Xerox and others.

Shingeru Miyamoto (the designer) game for its Japanese debut, the first time introduced in the Nintendo game with all its sophistication.

He also thought about how the game could bring high-tech, ranging from narrative structure to introduce video games to launch a revolution that triggered hardware interface.

One thing admirable related to Miyamoto brought the greatest innovation in the gaming industry is pemopuleran narrative structure. Perhaps it is not so great now, but in his time, thinking about the narrative structure of the video game is something revolutionary.

Because before the development is done Miyamoto, gameplay tends to be centered on the idea of ​​reaching the highest score.

Miyamoto's first success in the game narrative is the story of a love triangle between a carpenter, a woman and a gorilla. When first presented to the Head Engineer Miyamoto Nintendo at the time, Gunpei Yoko was not immediately accepted. Although in the end this game called Donkey Kong and became his first success.

From Dingdong

According to Wikipedia, this game stems from the development of arcade games (dingdong) Radar Scope in 1980. This period is the first time Miyamoto helped the development of the game at Nintendo. Game is obtained fairly warm welcome in Japan, but in 1981, Nintendo's attempt to bring the game to North America failed miserably, leaving a large number of devices that do not sell. In fact, Nintendo's finances nearly collapsed.

Nintendo's president at the time, Hiroshi Yamauchi decided to convert Radar Scope games that are not sold will be a new game. He gave the task to Shigeru Miyamoto with Gunpei Yokoi supervising the project.

Inspiring story of a love triangle come from Miyamoto Popeye movie that tells the story of Popeye and Bluto competition to win the heart of Olive Oyl. In idea Miyamoto, Bluto evolved into gorillas, him being who does not look too bad or disgusting. Gorillas are the main character is a pet Jumpman, the character funny guy and relaxed.

Besides Popeye, Miyamoto also inspired the Beauty and the Beast as well as the 1933 film King Kong.

He was very hopeful on this new project but do not have the ability to self programmed. Instead, Miyamoto working on game concepts and then consulted technicians on whether or not possible to realize the idea.

However, Miyamoto Yokoi assess original design was too complicated. Miyamoto next idea was to use a model of the platform and stairs to the movement of the character, coupled with the barrel as obstacles.

Americans Not Responding

When the game is sent to the U.S. for trial, Sales Manager there hate it because it was too different from puzzle games and shooting are popular.

But on the other hand, Donkey Kong managed to achieve success and make Miyamoto working on its sequel, Donkey Kong Jr.. and Donkey Kong 3. Furthermore, Miyamoto took the main character Donkey Kong, Jumpman into a new game entitled Mario once gave him a new brother named Luigi. He named Mario Bros. game. Besides the two games, Miyamoto also designed the game Legend of Zelda adventure inspired by his childhood in Sonobe, Japan. Miyamoto little adventure through the forests, lakes and caves while the experience is transformed Legend of Zelda games.

Donkey Kong, Mario Bros. and Legend of Zelda, has now been recognized as the most successful video game franchises all the time.

"One thing about my game design is that I never tried to find out what people want and try megadopsinya on game design. I always try to create new experiences that are fun to play," Miyamoto said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly when asked if he was worried be so much to the taste of young American players.