Mysterious Creature In The World Photographed

Humans until now still continue to study the planet, including all kinds of creatures on earth. Some creatures identification, or rather the animal, it invites debate about the truth. That's kind of like a creature so studies cryptozoology fans. It is a discipline focused search for evidence of the existence of animals controversial because more mystery surrounds, rather than authentic evidence such as bone. The majority of the findings of the cryptozoolog more studied came from eyewitnesses. If there are photos or recordings, often the result opaque. That is why the scientific community is often doubted the existence of these animals. Scientists sometimes mock witness or expert cryptozoolog, accusing them mix fact and fiction. Nevertheless, cryptozoolog also have arguments reply. In the 19th century, European scientists to underestimate the story about the platypus, scaly mammals that lay eggs but had a wide mouth duck. Or okapi, a strange horse from African black and white wide leg Zebra. Evidently, the animals were in the past considered a myth apparently really exist. As the development of the Internet, the evidence about the mysterious creature more streamlined, including footage on Youtube. Last week even seen a dragon-like animals in New Zealand thanks to Google Maps facilities. Controversial animal enthusiasts can as new energy to investigate their whereabouts. Well, the site listverse successfully summarizes five mysterious creatures that are still contentious. In particular, because a lot of scattered evidence that both photos and videos.

Gorilla-like creature with snow-covered fur is reported thousands of eyewitnesses often roam the Himalayan region of Nepal. Since the 19th century, the existence of Yeti or in local languages meh-tea has been known to climbers of Mount Everest. He is considered to be the devil or wild man. His footprint is very large, about the size of ax the climbers. While many witnesses, but the giant primates standing upright like humans have never seen in his footsteps. Not diketaui also nest, or other biological evidence. That's why scientists believe the creature's just a myth. Although demikain, Yeti ever photographed. People who believe even more passion to prove its existence. Moreover, they argue the Himalayan region was filled tundra, so maybe Yeti hiding there.

Cats Bodmin Moor
In 1995, residents of the City of Cornwall in England surprised look strange animal amateur video footage in the field of Bodmin Moor. In the middle of the grass, the big cats black panther resembles a walk. Residents also named 'beast of Bodmin Moor'. The video immediately sparked a massive search by resident tourists even outside the city. Cornwall Regional Government, too, are looking for, but to no avail. Allegations of the big cats are animals escape from the zoo. Experts say there is a family in the UK impossible tigers still live in the wild. Until now, there are still people who take the time looking for evidence of the existence of this black cat. Unfortunately, trace kakipun never met.

Often called distant relatives Yeti. The characteristics of the two creatures were similar. Like a gorilla, standing upright, like a jumbo-sized tree, leaving a giant footprint. The difference, Bigfoot seen more human in the Southwestern United States and Canada. Eyewitnesses reported the existence of these creatures ranging from the 19th century. As technology advances, people are a trip to the mountains in the region began to record evidence of Bigfoot either through photos and videos. But like all other creatures on this list, never found evidence of Bigfoot really exists. Whether it's nest, the rest of the dirt, until the bones. Until now, this mysterious creature is the most controversial examples of cryptozoology. Scientists assess Bigfoot may exist, but it's just a big monkey are considered upright. There are also experts who believe in Bigfoot myth.

Dragon Air New Zealand
A mysterious creature appears in the Gulf giant Okay, In Kelupauan Bay, New Zealand about a week ago. The size of the creature was much larger than the shark and move faster than the pope. A technician named Pita Witehira find the creature through the Google Earth satellite photo. The creature was seen as close to the surface of the water and over the elongated shape, the resulting water footprint is quite obvious, as reported by the Daily Mail newspaper on Monday (15/12). Witehira find sightings of the creature as was looking for a vacation home place. The size of the creature's length of approximately 12 meters. "Native Maori tribe calls the creature Taniwha (a kind of giant dragon), which is clearly not the pope and too big if called sharks," said Witehira.

Loch Ness
It is the king of kings mysterious creature since the beginning of the 20th century hundreds of witnesses. Photos and video are already frequent. Loch Ness Monster (Loch in Scotland language means lake), is one of the myths that have been the debate. For those who believe, on the sea for centuries lived a giant animal-like plesiosaur, an extinct dinosaur water, and called Nessie. But for some, the stories were just a figment. Nessie sightings were first recorded in 565 AD. Until now, thousands of visitors lake depth of 230 meters was claimed to have seen a similar monster. In 1934, Robert Wilson, a resident of London, published a photo of the animal in the water like a dinosaur. After investigation it turned out to be a portrait of the mast just toys. Dozens of other findings also proved wrong after re-examined.

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