Apply at Apple AppStore Subscription System

There is a change in the Apple online store AppStore. Apple today introduced a subscription service for magazines , newspapers , videos, music and some applications that are sold via the AppStore . As a result when customers want to buy a particular magazine or newspaper applications , they are ' forced ' to subscribe in a certain tempo . This step is taken Apple to give special attention to the manifold applications business magazine or newspaper that is offered via the AppStore . With this , the publishers will be allowed to set its own price and the subscription application . Apple itself will get 30 percent of the revenue the publisher, when there are new downloads on the AppStore. " Our philosophy is very simple , " said Steve Jobs in a statement letter , as quoted from Cnet , on Wednesday ( 15 / 2 / 2011 ) . " When Apple can bring new customers to the publisher, Apple will get a share of 30 percent . As publishers bring customers long to download the application , they get the 100 percent and Apple did not inherit anything , " added the CEO of Apple, which are now undergoing treatment period because of illness . As for the berlangggan can be done weekly , monthly , bimonthly , quarterly, or semi - annual , or one full year.

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