Lenovo LePad vs Apple, iPad

The war has begun between the tablet computer. Chinese computer company Lenovo acquired IBM ' s PC division , now develop products LePad , to rival Apple' s iPad production . Artificial LePad Lenovo will prove that Chinese companies will do the ' war ' serious with a kind of producer who has mastered the world market today . LePad which is scheduled to be launched in March will likely be able to shift the prestige of the iPad . LePad, its name may change when distributed outside of China, is Lenovo' s first tablet computer that uses the Android operating system . This device was first introduced in 2010 , but when it was still using Linux . LePad has a screen 10. 1 inch with the Android operating system 2 , 2 outputs Google and processors 1 , 2 GHz Qualcomm ' s Snapdragon . LePad shown again in January at an event intended for journalists and analysts at the beginning digelarnya Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas . LePad will be sold first in China this quarter at a price between 399 - 430 U . S . dollar , according to information from the company . It ' s not common knowledge, Apple products like iPod, iPhone and iPad an easy target for hijacked by the producers from Asia . With a similar appearance and features - features that are quite similar , the manufacturers of Taiwan incentive to flood the market with products that cost far cheaper than the original Apple product . Market tablets which helped lure more sexy HTC . Although still impressed ashamed - ashamed of all vendors poured continually strive to wireless devices like the iPad . HTC was rumored to have patented brand Scribe as a tablet device production . AOC LCD maker to go in the tablet market that is able to lure enthusiasts Android tablet computer with two advantages. First , the tablet AOC Breeze has an aspect ratio of 04 : 03 with 8 - inch screen , 800 x 600 pixels . Second, the tablet has a relatively low price of only $ 200 or 1 , 8 millions of dollars. Android 2 . 1 or Eclair , this tablet called AOC Breeze . With a price that includes most cheaper than its rivals, sailing, 8 - inch tablet specifications are cursory pretty good . Features that carried , among others, 4 GB built in memory , MicroSD slot and a USB port , headphone jack , and speakers, plus 802. 11 b / g / WiFi . Then Breeze is Rockchip 600MHz processor . Quite low indeed when compared to similar iPad tablet top and Galaxy Tab . But with prices so cheap , it seems that consumers should not be too much protest . With the onslaught of an insistent - insistently of a tablet computer manufacturers, Apple seems to not stay silent . The company known for innovation has scheduled the launch of the second generation of the iPad . Apple has decided March 2 as the day of launch iPad latest generation , and located in San Francisco . Apple chose at 10 . 00 am local time as signifying the birth of the newest generation iPad . Rumors iPad future launch has been nearly three months . Almost all media have written about the specifications of the latest generation iPad . The launch of Apple' s products have always been rumors of a scene in the entire world . Are you including the Apple product enthusiast ? Congratulations deg - degan looking forward to the new output iPad ! (liputan6)

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