Smartphone slowed the Mobile Data Network

LONDON - The type of smart phones like the iPhone makes a mobile network management because it uses five times more data than a mobile phone. Thus the results of the study the International Telecommunication Union (ITU ). United Nations agency for information technology, it claims , cable - fiber optic cable must be made larger with better quality, if you want to minimize the problem of lack of tissue . Moreover , the use of smartphones worldwide is predicted to increase fourfold by 2015 , of ' only' 500 million to two billion . It was reported by the Telegraph, on Thursday ( 17 / 2 / 2011 ) . Secretary General of ITU, Dr Hamadoun Toure, explains , " telecommunications carriers have invested billions to upgrade and improve the capacity and performance of their networks . But in the city - a city that has many users , such as San Francisco , New York and London , we still see a user complaints due to lack of network . "" Robust National Broadband Plans that promote extra spectrum and fiber network more quickly is very important to support data applications continues to grow. " phones really - really become an important requirement , especially in countries - developing countries, although the communication infrastructure sometimes traditional unstable .

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