Specifications Iphone 5 review

iPhone 5 Price And Specification . News about the leaking of the features of the iPhone 5 on the Internet is again a topic of conversation about the gadgets that will be released as the successor to the iPhone 4 . 5 new iPhone will feature comes equipped mobile payment system. For the iPhone 5 Specifications include digital wallet and can make any payment by touching the phone to a digital payment devices. And for iPhone users mensikronisasi data and setting a Mac to a smartphone. And can make transfers to other Macs without the need for cables . If the user had touched the iPhone - the NFC to a Mac had the NFC , then the Mac will transmit all its data to the iPhone , including applications and settings. For the price of 5 to the current iPhone can not be sure how the price of the iPhone 5 that the official price. Only the news about the leaking of the iPhone features 5 that I can serve from a source google . com . For lovers of the iPhone 5 soon find information about the iPhone 5 which will be released soon .

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