Apply Apple System " Authorized " on iTunes

New York : Apple Inc . authorized systems impose on iTunes . The system was imposed after the parents complained to their iTunes bill is bloated . ITunes security system earlier judged to be effective to protect your account from the user . Because , after a user enters his password on your iTunes and forgot to sign out after use, thethese devices is not re - ask for a password . At that moment the children took the opportunity to download the game - playing on their favorite . That' s who complain about parents who inadvertently leave their accounts open. By keeping the software 4 . 3 IOS , iTunes now has a timer that will detect user activity . If within 15 minutes the device is not used, then the user account will be closed automatically. " Software 4 . 3 IOS will allow the account is automatically closed when not in use for 15 minutes. The software can now be downloaded on the App Store and iTunes , " Apple spokesman , Trudy Muller.

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